The Victorian-Edwardian Wildlife Conservation Area.

Fifty yards west of the Lych Gate,  just down the hill

    a little,  is this haven for wildlife.

   Throughout the next year we shall be working to

    nurture the wildlife and to map and record

   alphabetically for visitors the many family details

   on the memorials.


 Over the centuries the burial areas have been cared for lovingly by grass cutters, relatives and groups of villagers.

 By 2011 this yard had been neglected.

  Working with the support of Cornwall Wildlife Trust and a volunteer

  group headed by Robert Moor, the area was cleared. 

  Around the seasons amid wild garlic, sow thistles, buddhlia

  and hemp agrimony with  it's  local name when in full bloom,

 'raspberries and cream',  we have worked to nurture this haven.