Feast Sunday, a May-time Celebration

Feast Sunday  

 When the Cornish hedges around Gwinear

 abound with bluebells, campion, and

 meadow sweet, when you can find

 wild strawberry flowers in the hedgerow too,

 that is when, on the first Sunday in May,

 we celebrate Gwinear's Feast Day.


  Sometimes there is a procession from the former Vicarage.

 The service begins with part of the Canticle which is then interwoven with the liturgy throughout the


 In 1923 a church member from Gwinear visited Pluvigner, heard their congregation sing the long tale

of St Gwinear's life set to a 7th century melody.  He had the Breton version translated and we sing

additional verses which tell of the building of our church tower in1441.  

 Bishop Chris led our worship on this occasion.

 Everyone enjoyed a shared lunch.

  especially the Churchwardens!