The Churchyard : with Wildflower Trail Glideshow

Wildflowers: In and around Gwinear's graveyard

Wildflower trail glide show:

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The Churchyard

The central east window in this photo still has original 13th century stone tracery.  For 750 years people have mourned their loved ones here.  

The ground in the churchyard is now level with the window sills after many, many burials,

Memorials date between 1802 and 1872.                                                                                      

  The  bright blue alkanet blooms are on the south side

   where two former entrances have been blocked in.

   Originally the route past the church

   would have been on the south side, across the vicarage

   grounds towards Drannack Mill.

 The Ogee Arched Gate:

Curved granite stones would have been used around 1870 to form this gorgeous arched entrance to the

Old Vicarage.  For the curved underside of the arch,  recycled stonework from earlier window frames had

been used.  .  

 Great building works would have followed after a Victorian nation experienced peace  and, here in Gwinear,

 the riches from a mining bonanza.

Major Project:    By the end of 2017 we hope to have researched,  recorded and mapped

the burials and memorials throughout all four churchyards.                 

There will be a focus upon wildlife conservation,

and on the presentation of information for church visitors.

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