The 14th Century

1300    The manor of Drannack (Dreynek) was held by the de Clare family and

          leased to the Bevilles, the advowson of St Winner rested with them.

1311    May 24th: Gilbert de Clare,  Earl of Gloucester and Hereford,  chief

            Lord of Drannack,  authorised the grant of an acre in the manor

           of Drannack,  together with the   with the advowson of St Winneri to

           Sir Richard de Stapledon, brother of the Bishop of Exeter.

1318      Richard de Stapleton conveyed the Drannack deeds to the Diocese of Exeter and from there

              the deeds were bestowed to Stapleton Hall, Oxford, (Exeter College) founded by

              Walter de Stapleton ,  Bishop of Exeter.

              The Gwinear Great Tithes were bestowed on it,  and patronage of the Gwinear living reacted with

              the Bishop of Exeter. (Tonkin in Gilbert, vol.2)

              The tithes were to provide twelve scholarships, eight in Devon and four in Cornwall

              for 'poor but sober boys'.

1349       Black Death reaches Cornwall

1360       Black Death in Cornwall